Art Specifications and Deadlines - A-Frame

A-Frame Template

A-Frame Template

A-Frame - Deadline is July 31st for A-Frame Art

  • Print-ready PDF or Vector - Indicate Background, if any, otherwise White background will be assumed.  Alternate would be a PNG with transparent background.
  • CMYK ready
  • Include any fonts
  • Fit to 47" x 31.5" dimensions
  • See template for example - "LOGO HERE" is where your art work will go.

Art Specifications and Deadlines - Program Art Work

Program Art Work - Deadline for all program art work is July 31st.  Art work should fit dimensions.

  • Front Inside Cover
  • Back Inside Cover
  • Back Cover
  • Full Page
  • 1/2 Page (7.5" x 4.875")
  • 1/4 Page
  • 1/8 Page

Art Specifications and Deadlines - Banner

Banner - Deadline is July 31st for Banner Art

  • Print-ready PDF or Large PNG - No Background
  • CMYK ready - no spot/pantone.
  • Fit to 4 foot by 6 foot dimensions
  • We will add a CHS Thank You border to all.

Art Specifications and Deadlines - Website Logo

Website - Deadline is July 31st for Website Logos


Art Specifications and Deadlines - PA Shout Out Content

PA Shout Out Content - Deadline is July 31st.

  • No more than x words or 15 seconds.